Managing director
Aurélie Beauvais
Managing Director
Policy & European Affairs
Pauline Lucas
Policy Director
András Takács
Policy Advisor
Hamza Bennis
Policy Assistant
Victoria Lienard
Policy Advisor
Giulia Artibani
Communication Director
Diana El Malaki
Communication Officer
Daniel Lopez
Communication Assistant
Arianna Scenna
Events & Membership Director
Denise Battaglino
Events & Marketing Officer
Marietta Sobrino Silva
Junior Events Officer
Market Intelligence
Eloi Piel
Market Intelligence Director
Crélida Mata
Market Inteligence Analyst
DHC+ Platform
Aksana Krasatsenka
Knowledge Transfer Director
Gabriele Pesce
Innovation & Sustainable Finance Director
Martin Stroleny
Innovation Manager
John Kapetanakis
Project Officer
Laura Junasová
Project Officer
Sara Comparetto
Engagement Officer - Youth & Cities
Chiara Cecchin
Projects Assistant
Administration, Finance & HR
Bilall Bahia
Administration, Finance & HR Director
Omar Fari
Administration, Finance and HR
Valentina Tonut
Senior Finance & Administration Officer
Ecaterina Morari
Administration, Finance & HR
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