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Policy Updates
Transforming Europe's energy system - Commission's energy summer package
Policy - Papers
As part of the Energy Union strategy, the Commission presented proposals to deliver a new deal for energy consumers, to launch a redesign of the European electricity market, to update energy efficiency labelling and to revise the EU Emissions Trading System.
Emissions from medium combustion plants: Council and Parliament agree on new rules to improve air quality
Policy - Papers
The presidency of the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on a new directive to limit the emissions of certain pollutants from medium combustion plants. These new rules are part of the clean air legislative package, which aims at improving air quality in the EU.
News/Press Info
Euroheat & Power joins District Heating and Cooling international collaboration initiative

Press release
On 27 August 2015, Euroheat & Power, represented by Managing Director Paul Voss, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for enhancing international collaboration in the field of District Heating and Cooling, together with representatives from the International District Energy Association (IDEA), the Korea District Heating & Cooling Association, the China District Heating Association and the Mongolian Ministry of Energy. The initiative is a formal recognition of the need for and commitment to reinforced cooperation and information exchange at global level.
Coalition for Energy Savings: "2030 energy savings target: France raises the bar"

A new law passed by the French Parliament setting a national energy savings goal for 2030 sends a strong signal to the European Commission that it can propose an ambitious EU energy efficiency target for 2030.
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