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Policy Updates
The EU Energy Union: a step forward for sustainable heating and cooling
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Euroheat & Power is very pleased to see a re-energising of the EU energy debate following the publication of the European Commission Communication on the “Framework strategy for a resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy” on 25 February 2015.
Compromise on 2030 climate and energy framework
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Long-term vision and local leadership needed for the transition to a sustainable low-carbon energy future /// The European Council endorsed the four targets as part of the 2030 climate and energy framework during its meeting on 23 October 2014. The targets are set at EU level, while Member States are free to define their own higher national targets.
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The 4th Global District Energy Climate Awards to be revealed on 27 April in Tallinn

Press release
Launched in 2009 by Euroheat & Power together with the International Energy Agency and the International District Energy Association, the Global District Energy Climate Awards aim to generate broader awareness, greater adoption and strengthen the importance of District Energy and the movement towards clean, sustainable energy solutions.
Heating and Cooling in the European energy transition: District Heating and Cooling at the centre of the first EU level conference

Press release
Between 25 and 27 February 2015, the European Commission hosted in Brussels the first series of high level events exclusively dedicated to heating and cooling. This initiative came as a recognition that the heating and cooling sector in general, and District Heating in particular, can and must play a key role in driving the European energy transition.
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