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  • 25 March 2020

Take a break with DHC+!


We all noticed that remote working during the coronavirus pandemic is more complicated than it first seems… Some are struggling with motivation, others are struggling to switch off at all, but the majority of us are struggling to combine work and full-time childcare. We share your pain and want to stay by your side in these times of uncertainty! Therefore, DHC+ is launching a series of weekly webinars in a completely different format. Grab your favourite coffee or tea mug, join us every Thursday and have a break while discussing district energy related topics in a very informal atmosphere. We look forward to connecting with you! In the meantime, keep calm, stay home and wash your hands!

DHC+ Summer School 2020

Thursday, 9 April at 14:00 CET

Next edition of the DHC+ Summer School will take place in Karlshamn (Sweden) end of August. Are you curious about the destination, programme, group challenge, registration or participation fees of the 8th International DHC+ Summer School? Then ask all your questions directly to the organisers and hosts! Feel free to share your experience from the previous editions to encourage future participants! 😉

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Use of low-grade heat sources for LTDH

Thursday, 16 April at 10:30 CET

A future where heating in cities is completely decarbonised is already here. As co-organisation between the COOL DH project and the CELSIUS initiative, the webinar presents the opportunities and challenges cities can encounter in their endeavour to plan and deploy new, efficient DHC systems and extend, refurbish existing ones to higher standards using local low-grade heat sources.

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Energy Integration

Thursday, 23 April at 14:00 CET

Integrating renewables both from electric and thermal sources as well as waste heat leads to a more flexible, efficient and sustainable system. In this sense, district energy and thermal storage can act as a local energy backbone and help balance the grid. Let’s explore how via RewardHeat and Magnitude projects.

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District Heating Upgrade

Thursday, 30 April at 14:00 CET

Usually, the overall upgrading process to improve the efficiency of DH grids is complex and sophisticated. It is time-consuming, long-lasting and implies high investments. UpgradeDH partners aim at simplifying this process by providing guidance and their expertise, and start a series of public webinars on technical and non-technical aspects of upgrading projects.

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