11 Oct 2021

Very-Low-Temperature District Heating

In Denmark, the first world-wide demonstration of a new concept of an efficient district heating system for low-energy buildings is established. The goal is to reduce district heating temperature delivered to consumers to 50°C. In total, 122 sustainable climate friendly public houses are built.


For this project, two types of low-temperature district heating substations and new district heating twin pipes with reduced diameter were developed and tested. The project showed that DH can be used even in areas with low energy demand with good economy and high comfort level for users. Overall heat loss from network was reduced to a quarter (¼) compared to traditional district heating system designed with temperatures of 80/40°C. Besides good economy, reduced heat loss there is a contribution of savings equal to 21 tons of CO2/a just supplying 40 houses with DH network. Further benefits of LTDH can be seen from earlier implementation of renewables being one of the main goals of European Union Energy Policy. LTDH concept has recently been investigated also to include existing buildings representing much larger perspectives for its application than buildings newly built. 

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