13 Feb 2023

Veolia and Innargi will explore the potential for geothermal energy in Poznan

Veolia Energia Polska, Veolia Energia Poznań and Innargi have entered into an agreement on exploring the potential for 100 MW of geothermal energy for district heating.

The project is aimed at decarbonising district heating and is in line with Veolia’s mission to be the benchmark company for ecological transformation.
Exploration research for geothermal resources will evaluate the potential for developing geothermal district heating in Poznań. The project has been launched as part of ongoing efforts to find alternatives for coal, improve the efficiency of renewable energy sources and stabilise district heating prices for the end consumer.
The agreement between Veolia and Innargi was signed today at the Poznań City Council hall.
“Today’s agreement marks an important step towards decarbonising district heating based on adopting new technologies. By delivering geothermal energy, we are contributing to improving the environment and air quality in the city while at the same time protecting our customers from increasing carbon prices,” says Frédéric Faroche, Chairman of the Board, CEO of
Veolia Group in Poland.  “It is our ambition to be the benchmark company for the energy transition process. For this reason, we are focused on diversifying our energy mix to include renewable resources,“ concludes Frédéric Faroche, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Veolia Group in Poland.
“We expect that the pioneering geothermal project in Poznań will demonstrate the substantial geothermal energy potential for large district heating systems in Central and Eastern Europe. According to McKinsey research, geothermal energy has the potential to cover the heat demand of 33% of district heating systems in Poland by 2045. Geothermal is not dependent on weather conditions, such as wind or sun. Once in operation, geothermal plants are pollution-free, quiet and discrete. They don’t require large spaces and blend well into the urban landscape,” says Samir Abboud, CEO of Innargi.