Unlocking Flexibility Potential of Multi-Energy Systems: Main Results and Lessons From the MAGNITUDE European Project

The MAGNITUDE European project has developed optimization and coordination tools, innovative market designs and business mechanisms to provide flexibility to the European electricity system by optimizing the synergies between electricity, gas, heating and cooling systems. The main goal is the provision of services by Multi-Energy Systems (MES) to support the cost-effective integration of renewable energy and enhance security of supply.


The methods and tools developed are assessed on seven real-life case studies of multi-energy systems located in seven European countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and Sweden) and covering different regulatory frameworks, sector-coupling technologies, stakeholders and business models.


This workshop is dedicated to the presentation of the project main results, lessons learnt and recommendations and will be concluded by roundtable discussions on the feedback and outlook from real-life case studies.



9:00 – Welcome

9:10 – Introduction to the MAGNITUDE project

9:20 – MAGNITUDE project results – First part

  • Ability of Multi-Energy Systems to provide flexibility
  • The role of aggregation and trading in provision of flexibility from MES

10:20 – Break

10:30 – MAGNITUDE project results – Second part

  • Innovative market designs for synergy maximization between electricity, gas and heat markets
  • Multi energy data hub and interoperability layer

11:30 – Break

11:40 – Main lessons learnt from the MAGNITUDE project

12:00 – Roundtable: feedback and outlook from real-life case studies

13:00 – Conclusion and closure of the workshop



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