27 May 2020

Toward 4th Generation District Heating: Experience and Potential of Low-Temperature Distrit Heating

This report describes the concept of LTDH, collects and discusses successful examples of implementation LTDH in the building heating sector. The objective of this report is to raise awareness and provide insights that will stimulate the research, development and implementation of LTDH systems. It will help to increase public recognition and assist policy makers and energy planners, both at local and governmental level, in promoting cost-effective and environmentally friendly DH systems, and in planning and realizing long-term sustainable urban area development.

Date of Publication:2014-09-01

Authors: Alessandro Dalla Rosa, Hongwei Li, Svend Svendsen (Technical University of Denmark), Sven Werner, Urban Persson (Halmstad University), Karin Ruehling, Clemens Felsmann (Dresden University of Technology), Martin Crane, Robert Burzynski (Scottish&Southern Energy), Ciro Bevilacqua (Building Research Establishment) - IEA-DHC, Annex X

Keywords: low-temperature district heating (LTDH), Legionella, heat sources, case studies

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