01 Jun 2021

Toolbox for Prosumption In District Heating

This report (2020) intends to provide district heating companies with tools for designing standardized offers for small-scale delivery and prosumption. Utilizing excess heat that would otherwise have been wasted is one of the most important aspects of district heating systems. In the report, existing standardized offers for small-scale heat deliveries to Swedish district heating grids are described. In addition, the economic potential of two different types of prosumers, a data center and a grocery store, in six typical district heating networks have been calculated by simulations in the project.

Authors: Johan Kensby, Jonas Ottosson, Melissa Eklund, Nathalie Fransson, Linnea Johansson (Energiforsk)

Keywords: prosumtion, prosumer, district heating, excess heat, system perspective, business model