23 Sep 2020

The Future of District Heating in Italy

2nd October 2020

10.00 – 13.00

Digital event

  The Italian District Heating industry has the chance to become a key enabler of the Green Deal Transition, similar to what’s happening in many European countries, after a few years of slow development, that have created the risk to confine it into a niche in the evolution of the Italian energy sector as a whole.   A study prepared by the Polytechnic Universities of Milan and Turin regarding the potential of District Heating in Italy and a talk about the European project UpgradeDH with a walkthrough of best practices for upgrading District Heating networks around Europe will be used to start a conversation about the future of District Heating and how it can play a central role in the transition towards a more sustainable Italian energy system.   The event, organized by AIRU, Utilitalia and the UpgradeDH project consortium will be joined by representatives of national and international governmental institutions, industrial and consumer associations, with the possibility to actively debate during a series of panels on how best to act to pave the way for a new District Heating development wave.   This virtual event will be held in Italian and simultaneously translated in English.   See the programme and register at: https://www.airu.it/il-futuro-del-teleriscaldamento-in-italia/