The 2019 Country By Country is here!

With thanks to all contributors for their support, we are delighted to announce that the 2019 Country by Country, a digital report featuring statistics and analysis on DHC markets across Europe & beyond, has been published!

Using the information provided for this report, we have also updated the publicly available ?Country Profiles on our Knowledge Hub, which include key data, infographics and a short description of the national district heating and cooling landscapes for all participating countries. For more information on the impact of district energy at a local level, don’t forget to explore our #DHCities?️ map, featuring DHC decarbonisation success stories from more than 35 European cities:   'So much has happened over the past two years. At European level, we wrapped up the Clean Energy Package with highly satisfactory results from our industry’s perspective. DHC is firmly anchored in the EU’s energy policy framework and increasingly recognised as a highly effective tool for the delivery of low carbon heating and cooling into our cities.    Looking through the 2019 survey we see clear evidence of a sector beginning to reinvent itself. The bouquet of energy sources supplying our networks is slowly but surely turning green and we know that improving technologies and more effective use of the possibilities of digitalisation are driving an increase in energy efficiency. Indeed anecdotal evidence from networks all over Europe and the world tells a story of transformation and possibility.     Looking to the future, it is our collective responsibility to write the next chapters of this story. The excellence we can already find today in the best of DHC must become the new normal. It is with this ambition in mind that we have set ourselves the ambition of fully decarbonising Europe’s DHC networks before 2050 (Learn more about our 2050 vision here). I’m excited to see how many steps forward we can take in the two years to come. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this latest overview of where we stand today. May it encourage and inspire us all to go further.' - Paul Voss, Managing Director of EHP.  

How do I access the report?

  If you have an account on our website, please login, then select "My Portal"  in the top right corner. The 2019 Country by Country is shown on this page (bottom left).   Please note that the country by country is only accessible for approved users (EHP members, EU/national policymakers), all other users will have the option to purchase access. The publicly available ?Country Profiles on our Knowledge Hub provide a sample of the information contained in the Country by Country publication.   For more information, please click here to view the publication page.