19 Jan 2022

TEMPO Project - Replication Studies Report

The results of this study provide valuable insight in the market expectations relating to digitalisation efforts such as TEMPO. As such, they will be integrated in the on-going replication effort within the TEMPO project.

TEMPO innovation is developed within six different technical solution packages. To help bring TEMPO to the market, these solution packages have been compiled into three so called demonstration cases. The idea is that it will be easier to replicate TEMPO innovation from a commercial perspective if they are compiled in a way that corresponds to actual industrial needs and requirements.

The three demonstration cases relate to
i) existing high-temperature networks,
ii) new low-temperature rural networks and
iii) new low-temperature urban networks.
To access the replication potential of TEMPO a set of interviews was carried out with grid operators, and these interviews were base on the different demonstration cases. This report describes this evaluation process, including the methodology, interview responses and analysis of the results.

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