13 Jan 2022

TEMPO Project - Detailed Engineering Plan Report A2A Demo

Several of TEMPO's innovations will be applied in Breschia's A2A demosite to verify their effects in an operational environment and to develop a solution that is easily replicable in low heat density parts of the networks.

The A2A demo site consists of a peripheral branch of Brescia DH network for a total contract power of about 700 kWt. The goal is to lower the supply temperature in this branch to around 80°C by mixing the supply and the return water by means of a shunt installation located in the so called “mixing station”. This will result also in higher volumetric flow rates. 

In a first phase, temperature lowering will be done on a trail-and-error basis, involving customers. Then the TEMPO innovations will be installed, and the additional temperature reduction will be quantified.
The goal of implementing several TEMPO innovations is to verify their effects in an operational setting and to develop a solution that is easily replicable over parts of the networks with low heat density.

The technological innovations of this demo site planned within TEMPO are:

  • Supervision ICT platform;
  • Visualisation tool;
  • Smart DHC controller;
  • Optimisation of building installation.

If  you want to know more about this and other deliverables, click here to access the TEMPO Project website.


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