29 Oct 2019

Sustainable District Cooling Guidelines

The current guideline report explains what District Cooling is, and why it can be beneficial for society and investors; provides an overview of District Cooling development, followed by a detailed description of energy sources and cold generation technologies and by a comprehensive list of best practices as case studies; extensively considers design aspects of a DC system, from feasibility evaluation to maintenance; basic and advanced control logics. It provides a methodology for estimating the cooling demand of a district, which is the first action to be undertaken by project developers in order to assess whether District Cooling can be economically feasible; shows a list of innovative District Energy concepts; provides an overview of potential business models for District Cooling systems; explains the role of public authorities in the development of District Cooling projects.

Date of publication: 2019

Author: Marco Calderoni, Bishnu Babu Sreekumar, Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta, Zia Lennard (R2M Solution); Miika Rämä, Krzysztof Klobut (VTT); Zao Wang, Xiaojian Duan, Yin Zhang (SCUT); Chapter 3 was provided by Joakim Nilsson, and Lars Hargo (Devcco) - (IEA-DHC, Annex XII)

Keywords: district cooling, sustainability assessment, business case, feasibility, project development


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