07 Dec 2021

Supporting new Opportunities for Waste Heat And cold valorisation Towards EU decarbonization

Waste Heat/Cold (WH/C) recovery is a suitable, appealing and enabling option to reach the environmental and sustainability goals. This kind of projects usually have to face some kind of limitations or barriers that constrain their execution.  

Economic, cultural and organizational problems are the main reasons that block these projects. It is well‐known that financial issues related with the capital investment and long paybacks are the main drawbacks for WH/C recovery implementation. Actually, it is the first barrier for every project to be carried out.

For this report there has been carried out an economic analysis of district heating network installations. This economic analysis is based on the evaluation of the levelized cost of excess heat (LCOEH) and on the minimum heat selling price.
The evaluation of these parameters allows to identify the competitiveness of projects investments. There has been realised a deep analysis of the value chains for industrial WH/C recovery and the most common RES technologies, applying it to some of the SO WHAT demo‐sites.

Authors: Pablo Fernández Arias, Juan José Otero López, José María Cuartas Alonso, Ángel Manuel Ferradas Soage, Diego Castro López, José Manuel Meis Martínez, Andrés Vilaboa Díaz, Vicente Mira Arnau (ELEUKON GLOBAL - ELEU); Sofia Klugman (IVL); Pedro Santos (2GOOUT); Matteo Porta (RINA‐C), Andrea Welti (RINA‐C).