16 Jan 2023

State Aid Corner

State aid: Commission approves Czech scheme to promote more efficient and sustainable DH

End of 2022, the European Commission approved a €1.2 billion package to ensure the deployment of efficiency measures and renewable sources in district heating systems.

The scheme will be financed by the modernisation Fund and will serve to implement the national energy and climate plan.

The scheme will provide investment aid for:

  • Installing new heat generation units based on renewable energy or high-efficiency cogeneration.
  • Modernising existing heat generation units fired by fossil fuels and their conversion to sustainable biomass.

The aid to projects will be conditioned on reductions in both CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels for the supported units. In line with the State aid guidelines, the projects for natural gas-fired high-efficiency cogeneration will be required to either enable the switch to renewable and low-carbon gases or implement carbon capture storage or carbon capture utilisation technologies.

According to the Czech authorities, the scheme is expected to increase the share of renewable energy production in the district heating sector by approximately 8,022 TJ per year and to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 889,550 tonnes per year.

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Response to the Commission’s consultation on de minimis Regulation

In January, the Secretariat provided Commission services with the views of our members on the review of a Regulation allowing aid below a certain amount to be provided without prior notification. In practice, this text provides flexibility mainly for cities and communities to support local projects. Although aid to our sector falls under other texts, this regulation is also used in specific markets for District Heating projects.

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1st Plenary meeting of TC/341 to be held summer 2023

In 2022 a new ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Heat Supply Networks (HSN - the pipeline system which efficiently transmits and distributes heat energy from the heat source to users) was created following a proposal from China. It aims to tackle standardisation in the field of HSN, including design, construction, integration, control and regulation based on heating and cooling supply pipeline systems.

For its 1st plenary meeting, participating members will gather in Beijing in late summer 2023.

Key items on the agenda will include:

  • Final RoC of CIB "Confirming Title & Scope".
  • Framework of ISO/TC 341
  • 1st draft of the Strategic Business Plan (SBP) will be shared with P- and O-members for comment
  • Establishment of a steering committee to further process the SBP
  • Application from SAC (Standardization Administration of China) for a PWI for Terminology
  • Organisation of the work of the TC (topics, priorities etc.)

National Standardisation Bodies (NSBs) wanting to be actively or informatively involved in this ISO/TC must register as P-member (Participating) or O-member (observing member). O-members can only contribute comments to ISO/TC. To have more influence in the new Committee (e.g., by vote), the P- membership is required.

Euroheat & Power strongly encourages European Standardization Bodies to become P-members (O-members can change their membership). Doing so dramatically improves the representation of European countries in the new Committee and ensures the incorporation of their experience and knowledge into the ISO standards.

Please check if your country is listed as Participating or Observing member: https://www.iso.org/committee/9132648.html?view=participation

For more information on Certification and Standardization, please contact Crélida Mata at [email protected]