SRI-ENACT project kicked off to provide a holistic solution to facilitate the Smart Readiness Indicator uptake in Europe

On 8 December 2022, project partners met for the first time in Athens to kick off the new project funded by LIFE Programme called SRI-ENACT.

SRI-ENACT Athens.jpg


Long-term strategies for smartness upgrades in building construction and renovation require reliable measures for the assessment of buildings' smart readiness. In line with this, the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) was introduced in the revised EPBD to provide a standardized methodology for evaluating the smart readiness of buildings.

However, the realization and uptake of SRI from EU countries induces several open challenges related to:

  • the SRI definition and tailoring to different national contexts,
  • the lack of SRI expertise among the energy auditors,
  • the need to address scalability and reliability issues for large-scale deployments,
  • the low engagement of relevant stakeholders in the different EU countries and the difficulties in informed decision-making for energy smartness upgrades.


In response to these challenges, SRI-ENACT will provide a holistic solution to facilitate the SRI uptake in Europe, by engaging stakeholders in the co-creation of national-tailored SRI implementations and the development of the SRI-ENACT toolkit, encompassing SRI assessment and decision support tools to promote informed decision making for smartness upgrades.

Further energy efficiency improvements of buildings are essential to the realization of District Heating technologies. The SRI-ENACT project will contribute to the primary energy savings by extending buildings' Minimum Energy Performance Standards, supporting the renewable energy transition as well as investments in sustainable energy.


Read more about the SRI-ENACT project here.