29 Sep 2022


Implementation of sustainable heat upgrade technologies for industry


September 2022 – February 2026

Aim & Objectives

SPIRIT aims to lower all technical and non-technical barriers to establish heat pump technology as the reference (climate neutral) technology for upgrading heat to supply temperatures up to 160°C by 2030. SPIRIT will demonstrate energy demand reduction of individual processes by at least 30%, electrify the industrial heat supply and, consequently, considerably reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

Expected results

SPIRIT will demonstrate three full-scale (>0.7 MWth) industrial heat pump systems that upgrade industrial waste heat to valuable temperatures (135-160°C).

The project will proceed with developing modelling tools to perform intefration studies with solar heat as source.

SPIRIT will develop alternative innovative business models to foster industrial-urban symbiosis analysing solutions to re-use the upgraded heat also outside the industrial processes as for example district heating networks.


  • TNO,
  • Danish Technological Institute,
  • German Center for Avion and Space,
  • EHPA, NV Mayekawa Europe,
  • European Academy of Bolzano,
  • Euroheat & Power,
  • Technical University of Denmark,
  • Tiense Suiker, TLK Energy,
  • GEA Refrigeration,
  • Spilling Technologies,
  • SMURFIT KAPPA Paper Services,
  • Stella Polaris AS,
  • TVP Solar.


The project has received funding from EU’s Horizon Europe Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101069672.