09 Aug 2021

Smart Grid Pilot: Banco EnergETICO

Companies, Universities and NGOs are working together to green the Lombardian economy! A2A Calore e Servizi, Alfa Acciai, University of Brescia and DHPlanet have pursued the common goal of creating an innovative and efficient system for the recovery of energy from industrial thermal waste, deriving from the Alfa Acciai production site, in order to contribute to the supply of the district heating network already serving the city of Brescia.

Completed in 2021, the project is the result of the operational and technological synergy between two companies - A2A and Alfa Acciai - and the Lombardy Region.

From the 2021-2022 thermal season, the heat dispersed by the steel plant owned by Alfa Acciai will be recovered and fed into the A2A district heating network.

The plant built in Alfa Acciai will allow energy recovery of up to 11 MWth, for a quantity of about 30,000 MWh / year, equal to the needs of 3,000 equivalent apartments. 2.340 tons of oil equivalent will be saved, emissions into the atmosphere equal to 5,609 tons / year of CO2, 933 kg / year of CO and 4,405 kg / year of NOx will be avoided, as well as a drastic reduction of PM10 and PM2.5 fine particles. The reduction will also affect the release of heat into the atmosphere and the consumption of make-up water of approximately 2,300 cubic meters / year.

The heat made available comes from the cooling water circuit of Alfa Acciai industrial processes, which has been redesigned to become a heat resource for the district heating network. A special high energy efficiency exchange station was also built which then interconnects the steel mill process and the district heating network.

The project also saw the use of a new method of laying the pipes connecting to the network through the application of an innovative methodology: the networks were preheated with hot air which, applied to urban soils, made it possible to significantly reduce the duration and impact of the installation work. 

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