Rural District Heating Network: The Windsbach Case


The municipality of Windsbach (Nuremberg) has planned a new residential housing project, developed in rural area and heated by district heating. For the heat supply of a development area with many single-family houses, a sustainable and affordable solution had to be found. With a view to sustainability, the administration of the town decided against making natural gas available in the residential area, and implementing a district heating network fueled by a bio gas co-generation plant instead.


Thanks to the innovations implemented by the H2020 TEMPO Project, a new kind of low-temperature district heating network is being developed. Discover which solutions are being implemented through this webinar dedicated to the Windsbach case. The event will be also the occasion to debate about matters and issues related to low-density heat areas.



28th January 2021 | 10:30 – 12:00 CET,  Moderator: Gabriele Pesce Euroheat & Power | DHC+

  • Introduction of TEMPO | Johan Desmedt - VITO
  • Description of Windsbach demo and its solution package | Markus Euring - ENERPIPE
  • Integrated Innovations in the Windsbach DH network : decentralized buffers and CHP optimisation | Davy Geysen - VITO
  • Innovative double loop network for combined Heating & Cooling in low-density heat areas | Romanas Savickas – UNEP - DTU Partnership
  • Q&A and Panel discussion


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