REWARDHeat Newsletter #6

December 2022 - Read the latest updates from the REWARDHeat project - Smart networks integrating renewable and waste energy sources.

Results & Deliverables

The outcomes of REWARDHeat project, produced during the project’s duration are available for consultation.

The public deliverables are produced by the Project partners in compliance with the overall objectives of REWARDHeat project, please see below the latest deliverables.

D2.1 REWARDHeat PLANNING schemes database - April 2022

The deliverable provides an overview of existing knowledge and best practice examples for ultra-low and neutral temperature districts.

D2.6 REWARDHeat predesign tool - May 2022

This deliverable reports the development of an open source, GIS-based tool for the predesign of District Heating and Cooling Networks (DHCNs) under neutral-temperature design and operation premises.

D3.4 Business models at REWARDHeat demonstrators - November 2022

This deliverable presents business models for the demonstration sites.

District Heating System Database

The database on low-temperature & neutral-temperature DHC networks is online.

Its objective is to highlight and organise, in a structured way, the available information about District Heating success stories. It is a helpful tool to be used as a reference for different stakeholders, such as network planners, energy consultants and investors.

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Serious Game

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