REWARDHEAT at Sustainable Places Conference in Madrid

On 15 June 2023, The REWARDHEAT project participated in the clustering workshop “District Heating and Cooling in the Future Energy System” at the Sustainable Places Conference in Madrid.

The conferenced brought together several EU-funded projects around DHC and heating & cooling in general, including HYPERGRYD, Bio-FlexGen, ConnectHeat, SENERGY-NETS and WEDISTRICT, to present their approaches and contributions toward fully renewable DHC networks. The Green Deal Support Office also joined the workshop, providing their overall view on the role of DHC in the European Green Deal.

The high variety of involved projects allowed us to discuss and touch upon various sustainable topics, technologies and solutions for decarbonised DHC systems in Europe, including biomass CHP (Bio-FlexGen), heating and cooling communities (ConnectHeat), low-temperature DHC networks and waste heat recovery (REWARDHEAT), sector integration (ENERGY NETS), fossil-free solutions for existing and new systems and many more.

Among others, the event aimed to answer and discuss the below key questions as well as investigate further ways of collaboration between the projects beyond the workshop:

  • How will DHC technically change in the future?
  • Which will be the role of DHC in the future EU energy system?
  • How will end users be involved in your project, and what are the challenges?

All the presentations together can be downloaded here.