02 Oct 2017


Recovery of Urban Excess Heat

There is enough waste energy produced in the EU to heat the EU’s entire building stock; however, despite this huge potential, only a restricted number of small scale examples of urban waste heat recovery are present across the EU.


The REUSEHEAT used four cases to demonstrate advanced, modular and replicable systems enabling the recovery and reuse of waste heat available at the urban level.


Four demonstrators were studied, planned, deployed, monitored and evaluated during the project, showing the technical feasibility and economic viability of waste heat recovery and reuse from data centres (Braunschweig), dashboard for creating awareness on waste heat recovery (La Seyne-Sur-Mer), cooling system of a hospital (Madrid) and underground transport station (Berlin).


  • ReUseHeat Handbook
    The knowledge generated from the demonstrators and from other examples across the EU was consolidated into a handbook which provides future investors with new insight in terms of urban waste heat recovery potential across the EU. Read the handbook here.
  • European Waste Heat Map
    This unique tool displays all low-grade heat sources available in cities, across the European Union (with UK included) and depicts also industrial waste heat and heat from waste incineration plants. Access the map here.
  • Training Modules
    The ReUseHeat training modules in the form of videos were developed for visualising the new knowledge obtained during the study and implementation at the four demonstration sites. For each demonstrator, a separate module was created plus two modules for the overarching topics: the waste heat recovery potential and the business models. Watch them all in a playlist here.
  • Scientific publications
    In total nine peer-reviewed articles published in the context of the ReUseHeat project. See the full list here.


October 2017 to September 2022. 


Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme