17 Jan 2023
by ReUseHeat Project

ReUseHeat project successfully completed

After 5 years of exploring urban waste heat recovery!

ReUseHeat ended in 2022 after five years of intense project work.

The project focus on the implementation of waste heat recovery from four demonstration sites that included a data centre, a tertiary building (hospital), a wastewater system and a metro station. 

The major accomplishments are:

  • the ReUseHeat Handbook, which consolidates all the findings and generated knowledge of the project,
  • the European Waste Heat Map, which displays all low-grade heat sources available in cities,
  • the training modules that focus on the learnings from the project demonstrators.

The dashboard for raising awareness about the recovered waste heat, several scientific papers and deliverable reports are also among the project outcomes. All the tools, resources and findings continue to be publicly accessible on the ReUseHeat website: http://reuseheat.eu