16 Mar 2023
by ReUseHeat Project

The growing impact of ReUseHeat

The ReUseHeat project ended in September 2022 but its impact continues to grow!

The project output continues to inspire and its research findings are regularly cited by the media and industry. Follow the news on Twitter and Linkedin.

The granting authority of ReUseHeat, CINEA (European Commission) has communicated the formal conclusion of the project and praised the effort and outcomes: "Project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact". 

The project analysed the main barriers to urban waste heat investments, updated existing economic/financial models to evaluate the risk associated to these investments, defined contractual arrangements and new business models, and prepared guidelines for financial donors to evaluate the bankability of these investments. See all the project reports.

The project has demonstrated innovative results for waste heat recovery from urban sources, including:

• Mapping of urban waste heat potential in Europe. Access the map.

• Demonstration of waste heat recovery from a data centre

• Demonstration of waste heat recovery from a hospital

• Demonstration of the user dashboard

The project consolidated its main results in the valuable 'ReUseHeat Handbook for increased recavery of urban excess heat'. The consortium also performed 4 live training sessions based on 6 training modules, which are publicly accessible.