ReUseHeat & CELSIUS closed in a joint event

The two projects held a successful final event!

The final conference of ReUseHeat project & CELSIUS Initiative 'Decarbonising Cities with Unconventional Sources' was a great success and the best way to celebrate the closing of two amazing projects. 

The ReUseHeat coordinator Kristina Lygnerud, from Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the CELSIUS coordinator Katrina Folland, from Johanneberg Science Park, shared their perspectives on the heat transition in cities and the future for both projects.

ReUseHeat launched its brand new 'European Waste Heat Map' a unique tool to identify the waste heat potential across 28 European countries. CELSIUS presented an updated guide of European DHC projects.

The on-site-only event was attended by more than 65 participants. Among them several representatives of cities-members of CELSIUS network, who exchanged perspectives with the project partners about the implementation of sustainable and decarbonised heating in their cities.  

The discussions and the interactive sessions about the established technologies to recover and utilize urban waste heat drew the interest of several stakeholders who joined the event to learn more about the solutions explored by ReUseHeat and its sister project Life4HeatRecovery. 

Two representatives from the European Commission participated with speeches at the plenary sessions. Euroheat & Power organised this joint event as it leads communication & dissemination activities for both projects.  

Access the slides of all presentations here.

Get a glimpse of the event here.