Retrofitting with renewable energies – finding the right mix


As the general trend in the energy sector and the supporting policies aim towards 100% renewable energies for 2050, upgrading heat generation with renewable energy sources and including innovative heat storage technologies will be key.


The goal is clear but how to get there is uncertain and will vary from city to city. To get some inspiration and exchange on possible ways forward, the Celsius Initiative has teamed-up with RES-DHC and UpgradeDH, two European projects at the forefront of modernizing district heating systems by integrating renewable energy sources, among other.


You are kindly invited to join us Tuesday January 26 at 09:30 CET for the Celsius Talk on "Retrofitting with renewable energies - finding the right mix". During this free webinar RES-DHC will focus on the integration of solar thermal and other RES based sources, whereas UpgradeDH will look at how to harmonise these with existing production assets and the challenges of sector coupling. For a concrete example, the city of Graz will tell their story of switching to renewable district heating.


Join the discussion with:

Moderated by Emilia Pisani, Communications Officer at Johanneberg Science Park



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