07 Dec 2021

Report on the CBA of Industrial Waste Heat and Cold and RES in Industry Investments in Europe

In this report a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of the socio-economic costs and benefits from using industrial excess heat and cold is presented.
The calculations include techno-economic costs of investments and operation & maintenance, as well as socio-economic benefits from reduced air emissions of greenhouse gases and local air emissions.

In addition to the cost-benefit analysis on industrial excess heat and cold recovery investment, integration of renewable energy sources (RES) was also analyzed, considering both new installations and local area RES potential for three of the demo sites. The results were incorporated into the cost-benefit analysis by assessing the impact of RES integration on the CBA results.

The result in this report gives some interesting insights into how the environmental benefits of some investments are offset by large techno-economic costs, and also how some investments seem profitable from a techno-economic perspective but could lead to more emissions.

Authors: Anna Nilsson (IVL), Stefan Åström (IVL); Matteo Porta (RINA-C), Andrea Welti (RINA-C).