07 Dec 2021

Report on Current Barriers to Industrial WH/C Recovery and Exploitation

In this report (D3.1), barriers to industrial waste heat and cold (WH/C) recovery and exploitation based also on the experiences of the SO WHAT demo sites are presented.

The work is performed by IVL with aid from the SO WHAT partners which are responsible for the industrial demo sites. Experiences from the Swedish lighthouse cluster have been collected from Varberg Energi and Göteborg Energi and served as the departure point for the analysis. Information is also collected from the REUSEHEAT project (coordinated by IVL) on urban waste heat recovery (waste heat of lower temperatures) and literature within the field.

Authors: Sofia Klugman (Swedish Environmental Research Institute - IVL), S. Klugman (IVL), J. Nilsson (IVL), A. Nilsson (IVL), B. Unluturk (IVL), K. Lygnerud (IVL), A. Strand (GOTE). (SO WHAT Project)



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