REPLACE final conference – vision of the future, renewable technologies, obstacles and solutions

The REPLACE project on climate-friendly heating and cooling is coming to an end at the end of April. 

“Keeping the heat on in times of crisis” was the motto of the REPLACE final conference in Brussels and online, 21. March 2023.

The project has supported households in 8 European countries to replace their inefficient heating and cooling systems with climate-friendly ones since 2019. The main topic of the conference was the visions for the future of the European heating and cooling sector, renewable technologies, barriers and solutions, a solutions session with examples from the project regions and a final panel discussion "How can the residential heat transition in Europe be implemented?".


The corresponding newsletter can be found here


Under the REPLACE project, 3 reports have been published on how to support the heat transition:

  • a report on policy measures,
  • a report on tackling gender, energy poverty, rebound and lock-in effects,
  • a report on REPLACE collective actions that can advance the heating transition.


All the reports are freely downloadable here.