15 Dec 2021

Renewable Energy Sources in District Heating and Cooling - EU Level Survey

This survey covers district heating and cooling (DHC) networks in the European Union and addresses relevant aspects impacting renewable energy sources in district heating and cooling systems (RES-DHC) at EU level.

The EU survey identifies 7 countries outside the consortium and regional survey countries with high potential for RES DHC. This potential is characterised in two different ways:

  1. Countries which currently have a small number of DHC networks, with the potential to quickly and successfully increase the share of renewables in their DHC mix by deploying modern DHC networks;
  2. Countries where DHC networks are already established and the renewable share of DHC is low have the potential to achieve very high shares of renewables in their DHC mix, by transforming and decarbonising existing networks towards more efficient systems with renewable heat sources.

Authors: Jack Corscadden, Aksana Krasatsenka (Euroheat & Power) and Paula Möhring, (Hamburg Institut).


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