25 Jun 2020

Recommendations on Waste Heat Recovery - UAETP

Studies estimate that the EU produces more waste heat than the demand of its entire building stock. The urgency to fight climate change calls for a radical transformation of the energy system in the coming decades. The deployment of renewables and waste heat used in district heating (DH) networks is part of the solution to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

In the Context of the Urban Agenda Energy Transition Partnership (UAETP) Action 2, Maximizing Waste Heat Recovery in Cities, the Austrian Institute of Technology, with the support of Euroheat & Power and various stakeholders (waste heat owners, city representatives, researchers) identified the challenges and best practices to boost waste heat recovery.

  This in-depth work was the basis for the development of the deliverable of UAETP Action 2, a position paper providing recommendations to foster waste heat recovery in cities.

Please access the relevant documents here:

Discussion paperRecommendation paperUrban Agenda website

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