Public Sector Loan Facility call for proposals.

On 19th of July the European Commission and CINEA have published the first Public Sector Loan Facility call for proposals.

Sectoral Loan Facility.jpg

This call is particularly important because it will be linked to EIB and will increase the attractiveness of investments for a just transition. It marks a new beginning for the transition to a climate-neutral economy by focusing on the less developed regions reducing substantially the financial burden for beneficiaries and increasing the attractiveness of the investments. It is also important to highlight that the efficient district heating networks are one of the eligible fields!

*    The Public Sector Loan Facility is one of the three pillars of the Just Transition Mechanism (JTM), which is part of the European Green Deal's objective to achieve EU climate neutrality by 2050.
*    The Facility is expected to mobilise between EUR 18 and EUR 20 billion of public investments over the next 7 years.

You can find out more about the new call here: “Public Sector Loan Facility” 

The deadline model is Multiple cut-off, please check on here the possible dates.

Grants under the Public Sector Loan Facility will be managed by CINEA, based on the project proposals selected under the various cut-off dates of the call. An info day on the call for proposals will be organised by CINEA on 14 September.

This is an interesting call, so do not hesitate to ask for further information and, of course, we are open to support you. To express your interest, just write to Gabriele at [email protected]