Provide a Letter of Support for DHC Academy

DHC+ members are submitting the first Erasmus+ project proposal to develop a DHC Academy educational platform.

LoS DHC+ Academy.png

The main objective of this project is to develop DHC Academy, a comprehensive and long-lasting educational platform in response to the emerging demand for new and enhanced skills and competencies associated to the transition and decarbonisation of the European heating and cooling sector.

We submit this proposal as a conceptual plan for a dedicated future educational platform in the area of district heating and cooling that we would like to test and explore.

We would appreciate if you could support this project by providing an official letter, using the letterhead of your organisation. Please feel free to adapt the text and send the signed version of the LoS to Laura Junasová ([email protected]) by 30 April.


The more letters of support we receive, the better our chances of winning the project and advancing education & training in DHC!