New Project on the impact of Taxonomy on DHC

On Friday, the 2nd of September, Euroheat & Power/DHC+ and our members started working in a project on understanding the impact of the EU Taxonomy on District Heating Systems.

The EU Taxonomy is a framework to guide investors towards green investments. To date, the real impact on our sector of the criteria set by this new financial classification are not yet well known. 
This project will  build an energy systems model where an existing district heating network will be compared to another one that is Taxonomy aligned. Thanks to this comparison, the project partners will understand if there is a gap in the current district heating infrastructure to be Taxonomy compliant and find solutions on how to fill it. The project results will support both decision-makers in district heating companies when making investments in their assets and investors in district energy systems. 
The project core team is composed of the Swedish Environment Research Institute (IVL), Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and EURAC Research.

The work is conducted in relation with the Sustainable Finance Lab at KTH and supported by a reference group reflecting an array of stakeholders (investors, district energy national and European associations as well as organizations working on thermal energy AI, investment and district cooling).

Investor is the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, project number: 2022-01418
The project is ongoing for two years.

Stay tuned to get updates and results from this quite unique project.