07 Aug 2020

MEMPHIS: Methodology to Evaluate and Map the Potential of Waste Heat from Industry, Service Sector and Sewage Water by Using Internationally Available Open Data

The research project MEMPHIS, funded within the IEA DHC Annex XII, aims to develop an international applicable and freely distributed methodology to assess waste heat potential from the industry and business sector and sewer networks. The results promote the identification of spatially distributed waste heat sources which are currently otherwise wasted.

The Waste Heat Explorer (WHE) is also a platform that enables the cooperation of potential producers and consumers of waste heat. Furthermore, the results give an estimation of the economical and ecological potential of waste heat sources when integrated into DHSs via HPs.

Publication date: May 31, 2019

Authors: Johannes Pelda, Stefan Holler – HAWK; Roman Geyer, Romana Stollnberger, Ernst Gebetsroither-Geringer – AIT; Colin Sinclair – BRE (IEA-DHC, Annex XII)

Keywords: Combined Heat and Power, district heating and cooling, industrial waste heat, service sector, sewage water