18 Jul 2019

Making district heating happen: empowering users through fair metering

This paper (2018) investigates specific solutions covering demand-side management policies of DH companies and consumption-based billing (CBB). Putting incentives in place for DH customers to implement demand-side measures in their properties while ensuring the financial sustainability of DH utility companies is vital to the health of the sector in the EBRD regions.

The paper clearly defines the levels of CBB available in DH systems and explains the technical differences. It presents a roadmap of the necessary measures for implementing CBB in the most common types of DH systems. It discusses household, building and country-level impacts and identifies technical, legal and regulatory challenges, with examples of how they were overcome in other countries.

The paper and its messages are intended for DH utility managers and government officials working on policy in the sector.

Author: EBRD

Keywords: district heating, consumption-based billing, demand-side management; heat cost allocation