09 Aug 2021

Low-Grade Waste Heat recovery in steel-making industry by coupling of Large Heat Pump and Gas Expander

Turboden will design and install an innovative industrial heat pump (Large Heat Pump) of about 5-7 MWth at the ORI Martin steel plant, through which it will be possible to increase (with the addition of electricity) the waste heat coming from the waste thermal low temperature of the steel plant from around 70° C to 120° C, the optimum temperature to then transfer it to the A2A district heating network.

Low-Grade Waste Heat recovery - 002.png


The feasibility of installing a Gas Expander system with power up to 1 MWe will also be studied, which will exploit the pressure jump from the gas distribution network to the plant, thus allowing ORI to produce electricity for internal self-consumption. As a direct consequence it is estimated that the project will allow up to 5,750 emissions to be avoided into the atmosphere tons of CO2, thus combining economic advantages with environmental and social benefits. 



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