08 May 2021

Largest geothermal project in Hungary

Municipality of Miskolc City and PannErgy Plc. decided to decrease the natural gas consumption and hazardous material emission of the city’s central heating plant with renewable energy from a geothermal source, which would ultimately ensure a cleaner and more livable city for the inhabitants of Miskolc.Pannergy Plc. with Miskolc Municipality implemented the largest Hungarian geothermal district heating project.

The technical goal of the investment was to feed geothermal energy to the heating system of Miskolc’s Avas district situated the nearest to the facilities in order to supply heat to the prefabricated buildings of the local housing estates.

Two producing wells provide the thermal water. The heat output of the thermal wells are transmitted to the heat consumers via pipelines and heat exchangers, while after cooling down the fluid is reinjected by three reinjection wells.

The technology ensures the operations of the largest geothermal heating plant of Central Europe.  


Utilisation of three different renewable energy sources 

In Miskolc 51.19% of the consumers (~32,000 houses and ~1,000 other consumers) have been supplied with renewable energy for heating in 2014 – 2015 heating season, resulting in triggering 20,810,681 m3 natural gas and the reduction of CO2 emission by 39,496 tons.

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