07 Aug 2020

Large-scale Thermal Storage for District Heating and Cooling

In smart DHC systems, large-scale thermal energy storages (TES) allow for the integration of high shares of renewable energy sources (RES), with excess heat, with excess electricity from RES, and the optimization of combined heat and power plants (CHP).

The International Energy Agency District Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA-DHC) in its strategic research agenda include large-scale TES as central elements of future modern DHC systems. The research completed in the IEA-DHC project ‘Integrated Cost-effective Large-scale Thermal Energy Storage for Smart District Heating and Cooling’ (IEA DHC Annex XII Project 3, Contract No. XII-03) contributes towards the development of data, information and analysis tools to encourage the use of cost-effective large-scale underground thermal energy storage (UTES) in DHC systems.

Publication date: May 15, 2020

Authors: Reda Djebbar and Raymond Boulter NRCan CanmetENERGY-Ottawa, Canada; Thomas Schmidt and Thomas Pauschinger – Solites, Germany; Per Alex Sørensen, PlanEnergi, Denmark; Jeff Thornton, Thermal Energy Systems Specialists LLC, USA; Aart Snijders, IFTech International, The Netherlands; Larry McClung, J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Canada (IEA-DHC, Annex XII)

Keywords: district heating and cooling, aquifer thermal energy storage, pit thermal energy storage

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