Joint Letter on Future LIFE Programme and CSAs on Sustainable Energy

In the future, energy CSA (Cooperation & Support Action) projects will not be covered by the H2020/Horizon Europe Programme anymore but move to the LIFE Programme. In the framework of the discussion on the Future LIFE Programme, the DHC+ Technology Platform together with 13 other co-signatories call on the LIFE Committee and the European Commission to set an appropriate co-funding rate of at least 80% and as close to 100% as possible.   A low co-funding rate would prevent many experts, and also DHC+ members but also cities and public authorities, with long-standing experience in capacity building and market uptake from participating in future calls. However, the future energy CSAs’ success depends on building on the expertise of these stakeholders. Furthermore, it is difficult to co-finance CSAs with national programmes as these projects are not dedicated to research or producing marketable products.   We also recommend that application and reporting procedures should mirror the Horizon Europe programme as future applicants will have previously participated in H2020 projects and will participate in R&I projects under Horizon Europe. To minimize disruption and ensure broad participation to the programme, the application and reporting procedure should be streamlined and consistent with Horizon Europe.   Read the position in the joint letter here.