18 Aug 2023

ISOPLUS repositions itself

Focusing on green district energy: new alignment and brand image

Rosenheim. Modern, but with an eye to tradition – those were the specifications for the new ISOPLUS brand image. Effective immediately, the group of companies will be presenting itself with a new corporate design and a new Internet presence: The website at www.isoplus.group now features the ISOPLUS vision, mission, and expertise, along with contact persons, the service portfolio, and references, all in the new design.

The manufacturer and provider of pre-insulated pipes will be using the same design and logo all over Europe: “The ISOPLUS Group is the force making the energy transition possible. Our products carry the lifeblood of the heat transition,” says Roland Hirner, CEO of isoplus GmbH. “Our new English-language slogan, Connecting District Energy, underscores our commitment to the market and highlights our European alignment while also emphasising our core competency.”

The ISOPLUS Group, which is growing robustly in its home market of Europe, is now focusing entirely on components for sustainable community and district energy. The new group management, which is based in Rosenheim, acquired the district energy business operated by UPONOR in Finland this year and sold off its Italian subsidiary’s oil and gas activities. The largest production site is located in Sondershausen, in the German state of Thuringia. This location alone hired 120 new employees at the start of the year and has further expanded production capacity for insulated pipes. “We are firmly committed to the energy transition, with the goal of supplying the products needed to make it a reality,” Hirner continues. “Our modernised brand image now reflects this fresh alignment for the ISOPLUS Group as well.”

ISOPLUS maintains eight production sites and numerous local affiliates and representative businesses all over Europe. The company produces some 5,000 kilometres of single and double pipes, 280,000 fittings, and 400,000 joints a year Europe-wide. ISOPLUS pipes are laid throughout Europe, including in Europe’s biggest district energy project: “WarmtelinQ,” which connects Vlaardingen and The Hague in the Netherlands.

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