08 Sep 2021

Involvement of industrial parks in the regional energy strategy - Neustrelitz

The city of Neustrelitz is a very ambitious municipality, especially in the areas of renewable energies, climate protection, and digitization. The local public utility company (Stadtwerke Neustrelitz), the municipality and the State Centre for Renewable Energy MV work hand in hand to promote the sustainable development of the municipality. The new city strategy for 2025 “green smart digital” unites the visions of the local actors. The development and implementation of a green business park is a further component in the realisation of the city vision 2025.

The pilot project and the state initiative offer the local actors the opportunity to continue their successful activities with the aim of expanding the renewable energy supply and linking the produced renewable energy with sustainable information and communication technologies. With a total area size of approx. 12 ha and possible extension areas of approx. 10 ha, the "Kiefernheide" industrial area is relatively small. In the land-use plan, the commercial area was designated as a special area for renewable energy use. The site is fully developed and unbuilt. Preferably energy-intensive companies in the sectors of logistics, food production and IT are being sought for a new settlement.

To the south, the site neighbours the biomass CHP plant of the public utility company Neustrelitz and the site of the State Centre for Renewable Energy M-V. Both the biomass CHP plant, which produces electricity and heat from wood chips, and the State Centre for Renewable Energy M-V are equipped with photovoltaic roof systems. In addition, three e-charging stations are installed on the parking space of the State Centre for Renewable Energies M-V.

The local actors are planning to combine existing renewable energy plants with new renewable energy plants. The focus is on further photovoltaic roof systems and the construction of wind power plants. The electricity generated will be stored in an energy storage facility. In addition, the linking of the electricity and transport sectors is another important component of the pilot project. Additional public e-charging stations are to be erected. In addition, the conversion of surplus power into hydrogen and the construction of a hydrogen filling station on site will be discussed. All these components are to be incorporated into a sustainable energy concept for the site.

The following measures are planned as part of the pilot project for the realisation of a self-sufficient renewable energy supply:

  • Construction and operation of additional PV plants
  • Construction and operation of an energy storage system
  • Heat/cold supply via existing heat conduction of the biomass CHP plant
  • Expansion of e-mobility and establishment of e-charging infrastructure (additional e-charging stations, e-car and e-bike sharing)
  • Construction and operation of wind turbines · Post-utilisation concept for existing renewable energy plants

The business location is equipped with a fiber optic connection with up to 1 Gbit/s. In addition to this connection to the fast FTTH network (fiber to the home), the establishment of a computer centre (Green IT) in the commercial area is being planned, which will be cooled with the heat from the biomass CHP plant. These two aspects significantly increase the quality of the location and are intended in particular to appeal to companies from the IT sector who are looking for a location with a high level of data processing.

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