27 May 2020

Integrating Renewable Energy & Waste Heat

This project is intended to guide evaluation of options for integrating renewables and waste heat with existing or potential district energy systems (DES), addressing economic, design and operational issues, including fundamental issues relating to operating temperatures and availability.

Case studies were developed to: illustrate a range of examples of integration of REWH in DES; illuminate key design issues associated with such integration; and describe solutions to addressing these issues.

Date of Publication: 2014-09-10

Authors: Mark Spurr, Todd Sivertsson, Eric Moe, Marti Lehtmets (IEA-DHC, Annex X)

Keywords: renewable and waste heat resources, bioenergy, municipal solid waste, geothermal heating, solar thermal, wind, deep water cooling, heat pump, industrial waste heat, flue gas

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