29 Mar 2021

Integrating renewable and waste heat and cold sources into district heating and cooling systems

Based on a holistic case studies analysis of 8 efficient district heating and cooling (DHC) systems in different EU Member States (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain), the study (2021) investigates the design and operation of DHC systems mainly supplied by renewable energy sources and (excess) waste heat and cold sources, aiming at identifying the key success factors enabling the integration of those sources, and drivers and conditions for their replicability in other cities and communities.
Finally, it suggests some potential policy guidelines to support the integration of local and low-carbon energy sources through DHC.

Authors: Galindo Fernandez, M., Bacquet, A., Bensadi, S., Morisot, P. and Oger, A. (External study performed by Tilia for the Joint Research Centre)

Keywords: renewable energy, waste heat, district heating and cooling, case studies, key success factors, replicability


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