01 Jun 2021

Impermeable Boreholes for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

Waste heat is an inevitable by-product of every energy conversion process. Estimations show that around fifty percent of the global production of primary energy is wasted as exhaust or effluent losses, out of which approximately sixty percent are generated at temperature levels below 100 °C. The performance of a borehole thermal energy storage is highly dependent on the design of the heat exchangers used to provide heat exchange between the heat carrier and the rock.Development of new temperature-resistant borehole heat exchanger designs is an important step in accomplishing efficient storage of industrial surplus heat at high temperatures.

This pilot study (2020) has focused on investigating the application of permeation grouting techniques as a possible means of preventing or reducing fluid losses in open-hole pressurized boreholes. The study is a first step in the development of a novel type of coaxial borehole heat exchanger for high temperature borehole thermal energy storage applications in hard rock.

Authors: Max Hesselbrandt, José Acuña and Johan Funehag (Energiforsk)

Keywords: borehole thermal energy storage, industrial surplus heat

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