16 Apr 2023

How Denmark became a European leader in district heating?

Enlit interviewed our president Birger Lauersen about Denmark's role model status in the district heating sector.

Enlit hit the road and interviewed our president Birger Lauersen, International Affairs Manager from the Danish District Heating Association, about why Denmark is a European role model in the district heating sector.

According to Lauerson, one of the key factors contributing to Denmark’s district heating leadership was that the country was an early mover in the sector, spurred by the first energy crisis that occurred several decades ago.

“It hit Denmark hard in the 70s, and we never forgot that lesson as far as heating is concerned,” said Lauersen.

In response to the crisis, Denmark started developing district heating infrastructure. The country is now reaping the benefits of those early moves, allowing them to transition existing infrastructure rather than transitioning individual buildings

“1.8 million households are covered with district heating. All we have to do is change the supply in 500 networks, not 1.8 million buildings,” explained Lauersen.

Watch the full interview to learn more about Denmark’s district heating plans for the future.