03 Jun 2020

Here’s Comsof Heat release 2020.2

Improved flexibility and calculation capabilities

Presenting the latest release of Comsof Heat, our member's district heating planning and design software.

Extra flexibility in design with the service connection layer

The service connection pipe can now be dimensioned with different constraints, independent from the distribution pipes running down the street. This gives you the possibility to choose for PE-X pipes for the service connection while using steel for the distribution network for example. Different pressure constraints can be applied to the service connection pipe than on the distribution pipe; allowing a higher pressure loss, for example, will result in a more efficient and lower-cost network.

Use different tariff structures for heat consumption

Different types of customers of the district heating network can have a different tariff for their heat consumption. Multiple residential, commercial or other tariff structures can be defined. This will be taken into account in the return on investment calculations and provide more accurate results.

Plan & roll-out for confirmed customers, include capacity for future customers

During the initial deployment, you may want to skip connecting some customers but you still want to foresee the capacity in the network and dimension the pipes for future connection of those customers in a second phase. This is now possible by indicating the confirmed customers for the first phase. The costs for adding customers in a second phase is part of the outputs.

More details in the outputs of the ROI calculations

Every intermediate phase in the roll-out can now be viewed as a separate QGIS project and detailed information on the bill of material components and costs per phase is now part of the outputs. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

About Comsof Heat

Comsof Heat is GIS-based district heating software which automates and speeds up the planning and design process of your district heating project. It uses intelligent algorithms for automated clustering and routing of a district heating network. And provides accurate and detailed figures to strengthen your business case.

Contact details

Kurt Marlein, Comsof Heat Product Manager [email protected] Comsof, Sassevaartstraat 46/214 9000 Gent Belgium