09 Aug 2021

Heat recovery from steel mills

As part of the decarbonization project of the Brescia city energy system promoted by A2A (Italian multi-utility, operating in the environment, energy, heat, grids and technologies for smart cities sectors. District heating operator), which will make the city "Carbon Free", there are two important circular economy projects that see heat recovery as the protagonist from production plants, specifically from steel mills.

i-Recovery is one of the two projects in which A2A is involved for the recovery of heat from production cycles of steel mills. Specifically, a new heat recovery system capable of producing thermal and electrical energy for the city has been active for some years at the Ori Martin production plant. The project is the first in Italy and is the result of the synergy between Ori Martin, A2A, Turboden and Tenova.

The project involves the recovery of heat from the melting furnace and its transformation into steam, which is subsequently transformed into electricity and thermal energy, fed into the Brescia district heating network. In winter it generates heat for 2,000 families, while in summer it produces clean electricity equivalent to the needs of 700 families, ensuring a reduction in CO2 emissions of 10,000 tons. Before the adoption of i-Recovery, up to 30% of the energy input was lost in the steel production process. A substantial amount of heat present in the fumes of the furnace before being released was cooled to comply with current environmental legislation.



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