21 Jun 2023

Guidebook on DHC Networks in an Integrated Energy System Context

Final Report of the IEA DHC Annex TS3

The guidebook is the main outcome of the IEA DHC Annex TS3: Hybrid Energy Networks. The aim of TS3 is to promote opportunities and to overcome challenges for district heating and cooling (DHC) networks in an integrated energy system context, focusing on the coupling to the electricity and the gas grid.

Main authors: H. Böhm (EI Linz), D. Cronbach (Fraunhofer IEE), D. Muschick (BEST), A. Ianakiev (NTU), A. Jentsch (AGFW), A. Cadenbach (Fraunhofer IEE), L. Kranzl (TU Vienna), S. Reuter (AIT), J. Rossi (RISE), R.R. Schmidt (AIT), P. Sorknaes (AAU), I. L. Svensson (RISE), D. Trier (PlanEnergi), M. Tunzi (DTU), E. Widl (AIT).