Gruppo Iren - Turin district heating newtork

The Iren Group, a leading Italian multi-utility, is among the leading national operators in the integrated management of district heating networks - Sponsored article by Iren Group.

The Iren district heating network, designed and managed by the company Iren Energia, develops in particular in the North-West of Italy, in the cities of Reggio Emilia, Parma, Genoa and Piacenza and in the metropolitan area of Turin, for a total of over 100 million m³ heated, approximately 1,110 km of network, 2,500 MW of installed power and over 600,000 inhabitants served.

Iren has developed the metropolitan network of Turin in an area that currently includes 7 Municipalities and is the most extensive at the national level. The company is also working on a further extension project that will include, by 2030, the construction of 130 km of new network, for a total of over 14.5 million m³ of new heated volume.

Over 80% of the energy is produced through high-efficiency cogeneration plants, an exceptional percentage obtained thanks to the use of heat accumulators installed in the plants and along the grid: an efficient and safe system which allows a significant reduction of climate-altering emissions into the atmosphere, resulting in an important environmental advantage, particularly in an area, such as Northern Italy, which suffers from heavy atmospheric pollution.

Iren’s district heating network serves the company’s decarbonisation and energy transition targets, which are also increasingly present in Italian and European development guidelines. In fact, two of the company's projects were eligible for funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, linked to the Next Generation EU program, in particular in Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna) and Dogliani (Piedmont), for a total amount of 4.1 million euros.


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